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Collecting your personal information

The parents’ online portal at “” is a service from the city of Essen. Further details on the city of Essen can be found in the legal notice.
When accessing this site certain access data will be stored for the duration of the communication process (date and time of the visit, the IP addressed used and the pages visited).
Any further personal information will only be collected when making a reservation through the parents’ portal.
We will not collect any other data.

The city of Essen takes data protection very seriously. The collection of your data shall take place in compliance with the statutory provisions. The use of the parents’ portal of the city of Essen is on a voluntary basis. For you as parents it facilitates the search and reservation process, and for the participating bodies it facilitates the processing of childcare queries in advance of an admission and thereafter.

According to § 12 of the Child Education Act (KiBiZ) the parents are obliged to forward personal data on to the childcare provider. In turn, according to § 23 (2) KiBiZ the childcare provider is obliged to disclose the information pertaining to the children who have been accepted to the Youth Welfare Department for the purpose of collecting parental contributions. The statutory obligation for the parents exists irrespective of whether they use the portal or contact a day care centre or professional day care association directly to make a reservation.

If you wish to make a reservation with a day care centre / childcare provider through the parents’ portal, this is only possible with the provision of certain personal information (first name, surname, date of birth, childcare pass number, place of birth, sex, address, email address, telephone number or other contact details, employment information). This information shall be stored on a server belonging to regio iT gesellschaft für informationstechnologie mbh. The following parties shall have access to this data following the storage: the Youth Welfare Department of the city of Essen, the respective day care centre, its operators and the professional day care associations. The respective day care centre, its respective operators, the respective professional day care associations and the Youth Welfare Department of the city of Essen may subsequently alter this data (e.g. if an address has changed).

This data shall not be linked to any other source of information which the city of Essen has. Your personal data shall only be used for the intended purposes; a transmission to third parties for promotional purposes shall not take place. The collection, storage and transmission of the data to the respective childcare centre shall take place on the basis of the declaration of consent provided by you. This consent can be revoked in writing (including by email) at any time with future effect:

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Data security

Your personal data shall be transferred to the city of Essen via SSL encryption if you use the online service. You will recognise the secure transfer from the SSL protocol designation https in the URL line and the full domain

Access to your account is only possible by inputting your personal password. You should keep your login details secret.


We do not use cookies.

If you leave our site and access external sites, it may be the case that so-called cookies are created by the addressees of the target site you have clicked on. Cookies are small text files which are used, for example, in online forums in order to store the access data of registered users during a session. Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot cause damage to your PC.

The city of Essen shall not be legally responsible for the use of cookies. Please consult the data protection statements on the respective pages on the use of such cookies and the information stored on them.

Unencrypted emails

It should be noted that, when sending an unencrypted email to the city of Essen, there is no guarantee that such messages are not read or corrupted on the transmission path.

Amendments to the data protection statement

Any amendments to this data protection statement shall be disclosed at this point.


You have the right to receive information on all the personal information stored about you on request. In addition, you have the right to correct, delete or block your data.

Data Protection Officer

Should you have any questions related to data protection, please consult the data protection officer.

Data Protection Officer:
Ms Schünke
Tel.:0201 / 88-11005

Deputy Data Protection Officer:
Mr Klimburg
Tel.:0201 / 88-11006

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