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PDear parents,

A warm welcome to LITTLE BIRD; the parents‘ portal for child care places.

We can now offer you the opportunity to gain an overview of the individual child care offers and their exact locations. You can also quickly and simply register your child for up to 7 facilities using the online service. Local registration - either in the nursery or family centre - is still possible.

Each nursery school year starts on 1st August and the allocation of places starts from 1st March.

Places that become available in a nursery school year can still be allocated during the year.

Please note that the LITTLE BIRD parents‘ portal is not a substitute for personal introduction.

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Help and support:

City of Essen Family Centre
Telephone: 0201 88 51777
Fax: 0201 88 51077
E-mail: familienpunkt@essen.de
Internet: www.essen.de/familiyadvisorycentre

Child day care in Essen

You can also use the convenient online registration service for child day care using the LITTLE BIRD parent's portal. Your enquiry will be passed onto the responsible professional association, who will arrange contact to the childminder and will be pleased to advise you on all questions regarding child day care.

You will find the contact partners at the professional associations in the individual childminder’s profile.


Nannies are childminders who take care of children in their parents‘ home. Registration for nannies is not undertaken via LITTLE BIRD, as this kind of care is an exceptional case. Please contact the corresponding association for mediation.

You will find more information on the subject of child day care and the professional associations on the Internet at www.essen.de/childdaycare

Important Information

For your inquiry please have your childcare passport number ready.

What is the childcare passport?